The Natural Medicine Guide to ANXIETY
by Stephanie Marohn
Hampton Roads Publishing Company
Charlottesville, VA. 2003.

ISBN 1-57174-293-X

The body's storage of the emotions felt during traumatic events is an often overlooked source of anxiety. Treatment rarely addresses this cellular memory, and so it lingers in the body and fuels anxiety

The Natural Medicine Guide to AUTISM
by Stephanie Marohn
Hampton Roads Publishing Company
Charlottesville, VA. 2002.

ISBN 1-57174-288-3

The Results of a Difficult Birth
Peter's birth had been a difficult one. It was a prolonged labor that after four days ended in the use of forceps. His head was twisted to one side as he came through the birth canal. After birth, he was removed to intensive care for the better part of a week and given antibiotics because he had an infection. The attendant congestion (called "wet lungs") prevented him from being able to breathe in a prone position unless his mother was nursing him.
Futher examination revealed the structural source of Peter's restricted CSF flow. His traumatic birth had resulted in misalignment of his skull bones, with one overlapping the other, instead of being positioned side by side as is normal. The bones had remained in this compressed position rather than sliding back into place after passage through the birth canal. The result of the overlap was continual pressure inside Peter's head. His head-banging and face-hitting were likely attempts to relieve the pressure.

The Natural Medicine Guide to DEPRESSION
by Stephanie Marohn
Hampton Roads Publishing Company
Charlottesville, VA. 2003

ISBN 1-57174-292-1

In Their Own Words
"Much of my body had seemed disconnected from me, but through ... Somato Emotional Release, little by little, emotions were released from my body that my previous therapy was unable to do, and a deep soul purging came about, allowing my body to become connected again, and more than that, for my body and soul to become one. My whole being was emptied and yet left full. Full of feeling instead of numbness. Full of love instead of pain. Full of life instead of deadness ... There was a wonderful releasing and letting go of the worthless chaff from my life's experiences, and I was left with the precious kernel of life, in its fullness and freeness. I was finally at peace with myself."

a Soma Therapy patient

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