Spring of 1998 took part of the team to Nottwil, Switzerland and the National Paraplegic Hospital of Europe. There we treated and taught for 2 weeks. We had a great learning experience ourselves, largely learning that no matter how state-of-the art the facility might be (and it was!), unless the nervous system is able to release the shock attenuated in the accident/trauma, it cannot receive neurorehabilitative information at all. It was here that we learned that whereby CranioSacral Therapy is considered “alternative medicine” there are truly no alternatives to CranioSacral Therapy. We look forward to our next trip abroad
Dr. Hans Peter Metteneggar head neuro-surgeon
Summer of 1999 took the team of Soma Therapy Centre to Cobble Hill- a small town on Vancouver Island midway between Nanaimo and Victoria, B.C. Here we treated what mustíve been all of the inhabitants of this town under the age of 13!! What a fun week we had!  

Summer of 2000  

Another gift came my way for my birthday this year; amongst other gifts, my good friend Merrill gifted me with a collection of CranioSacral dissection slides taken by Dr. John Upledger at the University of Texas earlier this year. Included in this group of slides were a series of slides depicting the myodural bridge, a bridge between the suboccipital muscles of the upper neck and the dural membrane that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. This bridge most specifically can be located below the foramen magnum passing through the space between the atlas and the occiput. It is composed of fascia / ligamentous tissue and it offers the practitioner a fairly direct point of access to the dura. The gift of having recognized this tissue bears out, when it is addressed in treatment, offering the patient greater potential for relief of cranial and cervical symptoms.

Try this: sit back and feel the tightness at the base of your skull. Now try to trace and follow this tension inside yourself utilizing your ability to sense inside yourself. Try to picture this space at the base of your skull and, with your intention, access this bridge to your dura. Give these tissues permission to rest and release. Feel them soften and spread.

Thank your self-healing body for this reprieve from tension.

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