Zannah's original training was as a La Maze instructor. Later she was trained in the Philadelphia Method. She then became a Registered Massage Therapist offering perinatal care and has been a practicing therapist since 1978.
Zannah received her training in CranioSacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release , Muscle Energy , Strain-Counterstrain and Visceral Manipulation through the Upledger Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida. Zannah has attained the highest level of certification possible and has chosen to study exclusively under Dr. Upledger for close to a decade now. She has precepted Dr. Upledger both in his private practice and in the Upledger Institute's Brain and Spinal Cord Centre.
Zannah is now attending the Canadian College of Osteopathy and enjoying it thoroughly!
Concurrently, Zannah is a student of NeuroLinguistic Programming and up to her elbows in as many human cadaver dissections as she can get her hands on!
Zannah has assistant taught many Upledger Institute courses and has lectured in a number of medical venues. She teaches a complimentary isometric exercise and provides a multidimensional service with a multifaceted approach. Additionally, Zannah offers an apprenticeship program to interested practitioners.
Zannah believes that the body-mind is a self-correcting system. She utilizes the feedback recieved from her patients during therapy for guidance as to what needs occur in order to promote healing. Supporting her patients in any manner that she is permitted, she enables them to appropriately arrive at their own solutions. Zannah believes that it is the patients' right to have all the tools they need to help themselves and encourages patient participation and patient responsibility. Zannah maintains that the best cure is prevention and that our most important work is that of personal development.
This is not just any "journey", rather it is the only "journey".
Zannah with a skull   Zannah treating in the Hydroroom bath tub
Zannah with a skull
Zannah treating a baby Zannah and Erin treating a child
  Multiple hands treatment

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